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Ani Tefilla Summer Siddur – Nusah Ashkenaz


The Koren Ani Tefilla Cam p Siddur is an engaging and thought-provoking siddur for the inquiring teen and thoughtful adult. Designed to be used during the summer months, this unique siddur contains full tefillot for weekdays and Shabbat as well as Torah readings for the summer parshiot, haftarot, selihot for the 17 of Tammuz fast (Shiv’Asar B’Tammuz), and Tisha B’Av service with Megillat Eikha.
The innovative ‘Ani Tefilla’ commentary in this siddur by Rabbi Dr. Jay Goldmintz, has been designed to help the user create their own meaning and connection during the tefilla experience. Divided into different categories that enable the user to connect to the liturgy in different ways, the commentary provides a variety of approaches to each tefilla, and something meaningful for everyone this summer. English translation and foreword by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

מק"ט: 26168823

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